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My publications and working papers are linked below. If you are interested in any works in progress, please feel free to reach out. 


"Bargaining over Beauty: The Economics of Renaissance Art Contracts" (with Ennio E. Piano), forthcoming in the Journal of Law and Economics.

"Contracting Creativity" (with Ennio E. Piano), forthcoming in the European Review of Economic History.

"Autocratic Family Policy," 2022 in Constitutional Political Economy.

"The Family and the State: A Public Choice Perspective",  2022 in Review of Austrian Economics.

"Does Marriage Protect Mental Health? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic" (with Christos A. Makridis), 2021 in Social Science Quarterly.

"In Persona Christi Capitis: Agency Problems When God is the Principal(with Ennio E. Piano), 2021 in the Journal of Economics, Management, and Religion.

"Introduction to the Special Issue on the Economics of Religion" 2021 in Cosmos + Taxis.

"Substitutes or Complements? A Study of Welfare Services in Utah" (with Bobbi Herzberg), 2021 in Cosmos + Taxis.


"An Economic Theory of Economic Analysis: The Case of the School of Salamanca," 2019 in Public Choice.​​

Podcast: "Priests doing economic analysis? Clara Jace explains" (Faith & Economics)

Podcast: "Why did the School of Salamanca write economic analysis?" (Fe y Libertad)

Video: "The World's First Economists" (IDH Shorts) 

"Creativity and Cleverness within Discipline in the Study of Man and the Study of Happiness" (with Peter J. Boettke), 2019 in Expositions.


"Review: Pope Francis and the Caring Society (ed. by Robert M. Whaples)," 2018 in Cosmos + Taxis.

Under review:​​​​

  1. The Expanding Value of Legal Marriage and Same-Sex Marriage R&R at Public Choice (with Rachael Behr and Kacey Reeves)

  2. UBI Caritas? Some Economics and Ethics of UBI (with Catherine Pakaluk)

  3. Three to Get Married? An Economic Theory of Religious Marriage (with Anna Claire Noblitt)

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