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Works in progress:

  1. In Persona Christi Capitis: Agency Problems When God is the Principal (with Ennio E. Piano)

  2. Gig Economy, Freelancers, and Female Participation (with Liya Palagashvili and Paola Suarez)

  3. The Family and the State: Public Choice Perspectives (with Peter Jacobsen)

  4. Three to Get Married? Religious Marriage in the Soviet Union

  5. O Felix Culpa: Entrepreneurial Confessors in Sixteenth-Century Spain

Working papers:

  1. Will You Be Mine? Marriage as a Protective Factor During the Pandemic (with Christos A. Makridis), under review at the Journal of Marriage and Family

  2. Optimal Withering: Autocratic Family Policy in the Soviet Union, under review at The Journal of Comparative Economics


  1. An Economic Theory of Economic Analysis: The Case of the School of Salamanca, 2019 in Public Choice

  2. Creativity and Cleverness within Discipline in the Study of Man and the Study of Happiness (with Peter J. Boettke), 2019 in Expositions

  3. Review: Pope Francis and the Caring Society (ed. by Robert M. Whaples), 2018 in Cosmos + Taxis

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